Clean Living

National Hot Tea Month

Written by Joseph Szilagyi, Hoover Lifestyle Contributor

January is the doorway into each new year, new traditions, and new commitments. It's also a month filled with cold, dark, and sometimes downright dreary winter days. It's no wonder January is also known as National Hot Tea Month in the US: after all, it is the perfect warm and cozy drink to bring in a chilly new year! more...

New Year Home Refresh

Written by Anne Hohler, Hoover Lifestyle Contributor

While a new year brings with it the excitement of fresh starts and ambitious resolutions, a home can fell empty once the glamorous Christmas tree gets taken down. Here are some simple and effective ways to transition from traditional holiday decorations to warm and definitely still cozy new year adornments... read more...

Hoover's Holiday Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Written by Joseph Szilagyi, Hoover Lifestyle Contributor

The most wonderful time of the year is not without some particularly festive spills, stains, and sticky spots on your carpets. Before you let these common and not-so-merry mishaps have you "bah humbug!"-ing the rest of your holiday season, give these quick and easy cleaning tips and tricks a try... read more...

Hoover's 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Written by Anne Hohler, Hoover Lifestyle Contributor

Picking the perfect gift for someone can be a challenging task. But picking the perfect cleaning machine for someone? Gifting a vacuum cleaner or carpet cleaner usually isn't the top of mind when thinking about what to get someone - but, sometimes, it's the perfect gift... read more...

3 Common Thanksgiving Mishaps - And How To Clean Them

Written by Anne Hohler, Hoover Lifestyle Contributor

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reconnect with family, reflect with gratitude – and deal with the inevitable feasting mishap. To give you a hand this holiday season, here are the three most common (and most frustrating!) accidents during a Thanksgiving gathering...and how to make them more...

Bagged vs. Bagless

Written by Anne Hohler, Hoover Lifestyle Contributor

Bagged or Bagless; the age old question that, usually, no one is talking about. So, what's the main difference between a bagged vacuum and a bagless one? What's there to choose between? more...

How to: Coffee vs. Carpet

Written by Joseph Szilagyi, Hoover Lifestyle Contributor

Coffee. One of many people's favorite parts of morning, mid-morning... and, on some days (okay, let's be real: on most days) afternoon. Can’t live without it – and can’t live without making a mess with it... read more..

How to: Pesky Pumpkin Stains

Written by Anne Hohler, Hoover Lifestyle Contributor

The worst has happened: while your back was turned, ooey-gooey pumpkin guts have gotten on your carpet. Not only that, it's had time to soak into your carpet. Before you lament the clean days of your carpet's past, know that there's a solution, and it's ridiculously easy... read more...

4 Ways to Fall-ify Your Home

Written by Anne Hohler, Hoover Lifestyle Contributor

There is a lot of goodness that comes from the changing of the seasons: beautiful colored leaves, cool temperatures, cozy sweaters. Change can be a very welcome thing, especially when many of us have been in our homes more often than usual. So during this time of seasonal traditions, we wanted to share a few ways to take inspiration from the seasonal change outside and bring it inside the home... read more..

How to: Remove Sticky Residue from Surfaces (Big and Small)

Written by Anne Hohler, Hoover Lifestyle Contributor

Flower pots, books, mason jars, plastic containers, kid's toys, furniture pieces, antiqued tchotchkes - what do these items have in common? Not only that they can be the start to a great DIY project, but they are also almost always victim to sticky residue from old labels or poorly placed stickers.... read more..

Simple Way to Freshen Up the Garbage Disposal

Written by Anne Hohler, Hoover Lifestyle Contributor

Has your garbage disposal seen - or smelled - better days? Keeping up with the surface of the sink itself is easy enough, but sometimes the odors from deep down inside the sink can become a bit overwhelming... read more.

How to: Refresh Your Microwave

Written by Anne Hohler, Hoover Lifestyle Contributor

No matter how hard you try, keeping the microwave clean from sauce splatters to burnt popcorn odors and everything in between can be a challenge. Next time your microwave needs some TLC, skip the endless handfuls of wet paper towels and try this instead... read more..

The power of soap, water and a little scrubbing

Written by Chelsea Daeger, Hoover Brand Chemist, PHD

More than ever, home cleaning and healthy living has been at the forefront of our minds, seemingly a new normal that we are all adjusting to. It seems so basic— it’s what we’ve always been doing; washing with soap and water. For such an old cleaning method, soap hasn’t seen nearly as many innovations as you might expect. In fact, the simple soap bar is in a way just that simple…read more..

Clean and comfortable go hand-in-hand.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably like many of us—getting comfortable with your new stay-at-home routine. The good news is we all get to figure it out in the most comfortable place on earth—our homes. And HOOVER® can help keep your home as clean as it is comfy.

This CDC link: How to Protect Yourself provides basic guidance to help prevent the spread of respiratory illnesses. And here are a few tips from HOOVER®

Vacuum often

During this unprecedented situation, with whole families restricted to their homes, the CDC is suggesting more frequent cleaning. In addition to cleaning and disinfecting surfaces in accordance with the CDC, you might consider vacuuming daily. According to the CDC, removing germs, dirt and impurities from surfaces including carpets reduces the risk of spreading infection.

Wash Entry Rugs

As our families and pets come in and out of the house, entry rugs are a first defense against dirt, germs and irritants you carry in from outside. Don’t overlook them. In addition to vacuuming entry rugs, clean them often in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Most can be cleaned with soap and water, scrubbed by hand, cleaned by a carpet or spot cleaner, or by placing them in the washing machine.

Go beyond vacuuming

We may not think about cleaning our carpets as often as other surfaces, but it does provide a deeper clean than vacuuming alone. The CDC recommends using appropriate cleaners for soft porous surfaces. Using a HOOVER® solution and a carpet cleaner with fast-drying capability will allow you to extract dirt and germs from below the surface without restricting your family and pets from rooms for hours at a time while your carpets dry.