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What is the warranty?

3 years on product, battery, and charger

What is included in the box?

2 x ONEPWR 4.0Ah Max batteries, 1 x ONEPWR Charger, and 2 X HEPA bags (AH15600)

How much does the product weigh?

10.2 lbs w/out battery and 11.4 w/ ONEPWR 4.0Ah Max battery

Are there attachments for my vacuum?

No, this vacuum is designed for maximum cleaning performance on carpet and floor. We do have other great cleaning products in the ONEPWR network to support your above cleaning needs

When should I change my bag?

You should change your bag once debris reaches the max fill line or after cleaning up very fine debris that can clog the pores of the bag

What is the bag capacity?

9 quarts

What bag fits the vacuum?

The AH15600 bags - HEPA Media Filtration.

What floor surfaces can I use my ONEPWR Upright on?

The ONEPWR Upright can be used on both carpet and hard floor. Use the two-speed switch to select the floor type you are cleaning

Does this vacuum swivel?

No, but it is lightweight and easy to maneuver

Is it safe for hard wood?

Yes, the product is safe for hard floors.

What do I do if my ONEPWR bagged upright lights are flashing?

1. Is your upright on in the upright position? The fast blinking LED lights are a friendly reminder to turn off the upright before storing it.
2. Are the LED lights flashing in the reclined position? Turn your upright off and check for clogs and obstructions in the brushroll.