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Hoover® Clean Plus™ is a powerful carpet and upholstery solution formulated to remove every day dirt and grime from your carpets and upholstery while leaving behind a fresh, clean scent. 2X concentrated formulation to be twice as powerful so you can use half as much. Use with the Clean Plus™ Spot Spray as a pre-treatment before cleaning your carpets to ensure best-results and continue to use it as part of a regular maintenance program to extend the life of your carpets.

  • Powerful Clean for Carpets & Upholstery: Clean Plus™ solution provides a powerful and deep clean for every day dirt and grime on carpets and upholstery
  • 2X Concentrated: Twice as powerful so you only use half as much
  • Fresh Linen Scent: Enjoy the light, clean scent of fresh linen
  • Made in the USA

BEFORE CLEANING: Test a small hidden area of carpet for colorfastness. If color changes, do not use. For upholstery, read manufacturer's cleaning tag. Use only on items coded ""WS"" or ""W"

DIRECTIONS: 1. Vacuum carpet. 2. For best results, pre-treat tough stains. 3. Shake contents well. 4. Add 3 ounces per gallon to warm water in the clean water tank. For AutoMix machines, fill solution tank. Always consult owner's manual. 5. Vacuum once your carpet has dried.

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