Important Notice Regarding Hoover WindTunnel T-Series REWIND Bagless Upright Vacuums Distributed Prior to November 23, 2009

Hoover, Inc. has voluntarily alerted the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) of a possible defect that could pose a safety hazard in select models of the WindTunnel T-Series family of upright vacuums. Hoover will repair the vacuums with a new cord rewind assembly at no charge to you. Please watch the video to see if your unit is affected.


This alert is limited to select models of the Hoover® WindTunnel T-Series™ Bagless Upright vacuums. Specifically, models with the cord rewind feature, which is designed to retract the power cord for storage. Some of the power cords may not be routed properly or securely seated in the cord rewind assembly. Power cords could be pulled loose, causing a potential fire or shock hazard. To date, there have been 3 reports of minor burns to carpet and furniture, and 1 report of a minor burn to the hand, which did not require medical attention. Hoover® WindTunnel T-Series™ Bagless Upright vacuums without the Cord Rewind Feature are NOT affected.


UH70110, UH70120, UH70200, UH70205, UH70210 with the product manufacturing date codes & carton date codes listed below.

IDENTIFYING AFFECTED VACUUMS (Please Watch The Video If You Need Assistance)

Affected vacuums may be identified by the model number and either the manufacturing date code (located on the vacuum) or the carton date code (located on the retail carton). It is not necessary to check both the product data label and the product carton. If the vacuum has been removed from the carton, check the model number and date code on the product data label.

Location of Model Number and Manufacturing Date Code

The model number and manufacturing date code are printed on the product data label, which is located on the lower rear part of the vacuum (see FIGURE A).

Affected Date Codes

All vacuums with H09A, I09A, J09A and some of K09A are affected. Vacuums with manufacturing code K09A accompanied by a green dot or green slash are safe for use. All other date codes are safe for use.

Location of Model Number and Carton Date Code

The model number is located in the lower right on the front of the carton and the carton date code may be found on lower left back panel of the carton (see FIGURE B).

Vacuums with the model numbers and carton date codes below are affected.

Model # UH70110 UH70120 UH70200 UH70205 UH70210
Carton 10079 08299 08179 09219 09109
Date Code To To To To To
Ranges 11169 11219 11209 11209 11219

IMPORTANT: Any model with a green dot or green slash on either the carton or the data label (as pictured below), is safe for use and does not require any further action.


If you have an affected model, stop using it immediately and call 888.891.2054 (M-F 8AM-7PM ET) or use the Service Center Locator to locate Authorized Service Centers in both the United States & Canada. Hoover will repair your vacuum by replacing the cord rewind assembly at no charge to you.

Hoover is committed to providing dependable, safe floor care products. We appreciate your cooperation and thank you for your business.